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Q-Cell series incubators


Q-Cell series incubators are modern laboratory devices designed for sample storing and bacteria incubation precisely defined temperature, while maintaining the highest requirements concerning its stability and homogeneity. Devices of 60 to 1400 litre capacity are available as well as multi-chamber versions.

Each Q-Cell incubator is equipped with a combined cooling and heating system with forced air circulation, enabling them to work in temperatures close to or lower than ambient temperature. Work safety is assured by the use of alarms, electronic and electro-mechanic cut-off systems, compliant with European standards and laboratory requirements.

The standard temperature range is +3°C to +40°C, with the possibility of extending to +50°C or +60°C. In INOX models temperature range is +3°C to +60°C and can be further extended up to +70°C (+80°C for some models).

The Basic version has a plastic interior (60-240 models) or aluminium one (300-up models), INOX versions of all the devices has got the interior made ​​of acid-proof, stainless steel. Most incubators are also available with external, glazed doors, which is marked by “+” beside the version name (e.g. Basic +).

Operation of the device is facilitated by an easy-to-read, LCD dot-display and multi-level text menu, which makes the setup easy even in the most advanced incubator versions. The controller provides temperature regulation and display with 0,1°C precision.

An integrated real time clock with a calendar allows programming of the device’s work time from 1 minute to 31 days, as well as periodical activation of the programmable, automatic defrosting system (optional). The device can operate in a continuous cycle or timed process, after which the program may be looped, stopped, the device may switch off or finally, it may enter a temperature-keeping mode with continuous indication of program end. Changes of operation modes and all alarms are signalled audibly.

Step-version of the controller enables storing up to 5 predefined programs which can be easily activated afterwards. Each program may consist of maximum 9 steps, each with independently set parameters of operation time, temperature, fan speed as well as lighting and 230V, built-in socket activation.

An innovative feature of the controller is the components check panel, showing their current status and pointing to a possible fuse burnout or component malfunction. It also provides the possibility to look-up temperature statistics from the last running program or global ones (maximum, minimum, average temperature and temperature chart).

Safety devices
Alarms indicate a power supply failure, opening of the chamber’s door, temperature sensor damage and optionally – exceeding the configurable allowed temperature range. In addition, a safety thermostat is installed, which prevents the device from overheating in case of a controller failure or short-circuit.

The modern Q-Soft software allows the users to log, visualize and create report regarding the processes taking place inside the incubator chamber. Ease and user-friendliness of operation and configuration are achieved through automatic detection of PC-connected incubators, English-language software and easy-to-use navigation. All this makes the software a useful and convenient tool.



Q-Cell series incubators
TYPE 60 140 200 240 300 300/2 500 700 700/2 1400
Width (mm) 540 550 550 550 520 720 620 720 1440 1440
Depth (mm) 590 600 620 570 700 860 860 860 860 860
Height (mm) 570 880 1170 1500 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020 2020
Gross capacity (l) 66 155 205 250 350 2x 295 490 630 2x 630 1380
Net capacity (l) 60 142 185 228 335 2x 280 475 615 2x 615 1350
Number of shelves 2 3 3 5 3 2x 2 3 3 2x 3 2x 3
Temperature range

+8oC do +40/+50/+60oC 

Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Rated power 130W 280 650 280 280 650 620
Weight (kg) 32-42 41-59 49-72 57-84 100-105 175-180 115-130 125-138 215-225 195-220
Available versions
+/-/+/- +/+/+/- +/+/+/- +/+/+/- +/-/+/- +/-/+/- +/+/+/+ +/+/+/+ +/-/+/- +/+/+/+


Q-Cell device 60 is not available


Additional information


  • Additional options:
  • Internal 230V sockets
  • Inspection hole
  • Glass internal door
  • Glazed external door (some models)
  • Door lock
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • Wheels
  • Wheeled table for incubator
  • Q-Soft software
  • Variation validation in an accredited laboratory
  • Step-controller
  • Photoperiod (internal lighting with day and night cycle simulation)
  • IQ, OQ, PQ protocols