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The round fume cupboard

The round fume cupboard, produced by Poll Lab, was created in response to universities’ demand for the environment where experiments could be conducted safely within a chemical laboratory additionally ensuring the preview of the experiments’ course for a group of about 15 students.

With a classic design of a fume cupboard it is virtually impossible to ensure a proper insight into a conducted experiment for everybody, even though glass side walls are applied. In a group of 15 people the visibility is not satisfactory for every observer due to a fume cupboard’s opaque corners.
People standing behind the conductor of the experiment  make it difficult for him/her to move around the lab or reach cabinets. Viewers standing in front of the front window are vulnerable to being injured in case of an explosion (when the window is open).

In the case of the round fume cupboard an identical group of 15 people have a full insight into what is taking place inside the fume cupboard.
Two people in charge are provided with working space and the way to tables/cabinets situated behind them.




Conformity to standard PN-EN 14056
Laboratory furniture. Recommendations for design and installation.
Conformity to standard PN-EN 13150
Laboratory tables - Dimensions, safety requirements and test methods.
Conformity to standard PN-EN 14175 (1-6)
Fume cupboards, fume hoods - safety requirements and test methods.
PZH approval



230V electric sockets and valves controlling water-spouts and gas are installed on both sides of the fume cupboard,

Inside there are 2 sets of small sinks with a water spout; and natural gas connection.

The fume cupboard’s driver is equipped with two panels enabling full control on both sides.

Two under-the-tabletop cabinets are equipped with epoxy paint coated  fronts.




The shape of the working chamber guarantees swirl-free environment and highest efficiency in removing dangerous substances present in the air.

Two lamps make the tabletop’s surface evenly lit.

The round shutter guarantees effective air extraction throughout the working chamber interior.

After switching the fume cupboard off  the ventilation duct is shut by a transmitter-controlled hatch.

Sliding along the arc, tempered-glass windows ensure excellent access to the working chamber.

Chemically-resistant hinges make 2700 opening of the door possible.

Large work surface provides comfortable and safe workplace.

The tabletop’s elevated edges prevent hazardous substances from spilling.

An additional, above pane of glass protects an operator’s face from an explosion and burns even when the window is open.



Airflow sensor:
- Q-Flow (standard)
- Q-Flow Compact
- Q-Flow Touch
- Q-Flow EX
- Schneider FM-100
- Schneider FM-500
- Schneider iCM
- Schneider FM-100E


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Wywiad from PolLab on Vimeo.



Test wentylacji from PolLab on Vimeo.