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Tabletop fume hood

Over-the-table chemical chambers are a way to ensure maximum safety while conducting laboratory work with minimum necessary space, resources and air requisition.

Such chambers are used in places where the risk of emission and concentration of gases, fumes, aerosols, or dust is considerable. What is essential in such circumstances is a ventilation duct for connecting to the chamber’s hood.

Our chambers are designed for your individual, specified needs and conditions.
Wide range of materials used for manufacturing our products and the know-how allow us to optimally conform parameters to the ones expected by our clients.

Additional information

Nasze komory mogą posiadać następujące wyposażenie.

Working chamber lining:
- Laminate (standard)
- Large-size Buchtal ceramics
- Mixture of phenolic resins - Max Resistance
- Polypropylene

Sash window:
- MDF frame with sliding glass panes (standard)
- Aluminium frame
- Steel frame
- Tempered glass or polycarbonate (for working with hydrofluoric acid)

Airflow sensor:
- Q-Flow (standard)
- Q-Flow Compact
- Q-Flow Touch
- Q-Flow EX
- Schneider FM- 100
- Schneider FM- 500
- Schneider iCM
- Schneider FM-100E

Standard equipment:
- 2 pcs. 230V sockets
- 2 water outlets with taps on the front panel
- Small sink (approx. 280x80mm)


Additional options:

- Additional 230V and 380V sockets
- Additional water outlets
- Flammable and technical gases outlets
- Differential circuit breaker
- Automatic window control (Auto Protect system)
- Manual Protect System (reminding of the necessity to shut the window)
- Automatic controlling of the ventilation depending on sash position

Standard dimensions

Komory nastołowe
Width (mm) 780
Depth (mm) 740
Height (closed/open sash) (mm) 1200/1450

Working chamber

width (mm)

depth (mm)

height (mm)





Maximum sash opening (mm) 630
Recommended airflow with sash open (m3/h) 200-350
Extract-air manifold (mm) (mm) fi 100
NET Weight 51kg

As well as for clients’ precisely defined requirements.