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School fume cupboards

Every laboratory  in junior or senior secondary schools and universities requires fume hoods. Meeting the need of creating fume hoods which are durable, aesthetic, compact, and at the same time chemically-resistant, meeting highest safety standards we have produced a series of glass fume hoods with a monolithic, ceramic tabletop. Outfitting them is dependant on clients’ needs.

There are 3 series:

-1200 mm

-1500 mm

-1800 mm

Additional information


- Solid ceramics (standard)
- Large-size Buchtal ceramics
- Durcon epoxy resin
- Polypropylene

Working chamber lining:
- glass / ceramic

Sash window:
- MDF frame with sliding glass panes (standard)
- Aluminium frame
- Steel frame
- Tempered glass or polycarbonate (for working with hydrofluoric acid)

Airflow sensor:
- Q-Flow (standard)
- Q-Flow Compact
- Q-Flow Touch
- Q-Flow EX
- Schneider FM-100
- Schneider FM-500
- Schneider iCM
- Schneider FM-100E

Standard equipment:
- 2 pcs. 230V sockets
- 2 water outlets with taps on the front panel
- Small sink (approx. 280x80mm)

Additional options:
- Additional 230V and 380V sockets
- Additional water outlets
- Flammable and technical gases outlets
- Differential circuit breaker
- Automatic window control (Auto Protect system)
- Manual Protect System (reminding of the necessity to shut the window)
- Automatic controlling of the ventilation depending on sash position