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Type C frame

Island tables of two most common lengths 3000 and 2400 x 1500 mm, which we recommend, are an optimal solution for clients’ needs. Thanks to applying a wide variety of tabletop materials and frames (series A or C) each of our customers can find an optimal solution for him/herself. These tables are typically equipped with one- or two-chamber sink work stands at one or both ends. As standard, besides large 445 x 445 mm sink chambers, we offer two or one 295 x 145 mm  small sink for leachate. Next to each of the sinks, a laboratory fitting coated in chemically resistant material is mounted in the tabletop. Conformity to the PN EN 13150 standard guarantees safe working with harmful substances which are commonplace at every laboratory assistant’s daily work. Along with standard hot and cold water valves and 230 V sockets, every set on offer may be additionally equipped with any media in places specified by our clients which will further facilitate work. Thanks to our solutions one can easily customise the placement of media on a table. The island tables on offer are characterised by a wide selection of  tabletops as well as sink chambers. Upper section situated on the table is equipped with 230V electric sockets, (three per column). In the standard version it has two shelves but may be half-enclosed if a client requires this. The upper section is of modular design which guarantees high level of customisability in designing the piece of furniture.

Our consultants will help you in choosing the right materials and will design, based on a conversation with you, a laboratory adapted to your needs and expectations.

Tables are made from modular elements which allows configuring the structure of the laboratory table.

A laboratory table is distinguished by:

- working board with or without a rim (made from material selected by a customer),
- supporting structure (cabinet with a frame),
- upper installation section high or low (according to clients’ requirements),
- large and small sinks mounted in the working board.

The island tables are designed for operation in the following climatic parameters:

- climate: integrated, cool – moderate,
- location indoors, in dry, heated or air-conditioned rooms,
- air temperature from 288 to 298 K 9 15 - 25°C,
- 40-70% relative humidity.


Type C island tables

The frames of this type are made with steel hollow sections covered with chemically-resistant epoxy paint in powder coating technique. The dimensions of the section are 60 x 30 x 2. The frames are easy to level which allows to adjust the height of the table within the range of 60 - 80 mm. The frames of this type are characterised by good load resistance. Thanks to the Q – OPTIMAL series frames we can also create any sequences of laboratory furniture. However, it should be used in large, spacious laboratories where tight, compact construction is less important. The frame’s design also allows access under the table, although it is done through the system of suspended cabinets and is somewhat difficult, it requires professional advice. The Q – OPTIMAL series frames are not recommended for microbiological laboratories.

Additional information

Stoły wyspowe
Depth Width Height
1 500, 750 mm 1 200 - 6 000 mm 750, 900 mm