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Glassware dryer

QSL-1 laboratory glassware dryer
The QSL-1 hot air dryer is a laboratory device intended for drying laboratory glassware of any kind. Its compact and simple construction allows the user simultaneous and fast drying of large numbers of laboratory glassware, like beakers and test-tubes of diverse types and sizes. One may choose between hot- or cold-air drying.

The device is equipped with 24 stub pipes 16 mm in diameter for larger items, and two sets of 16 stub pipes each,14 mm and 12 mm in diameter, provided for smaller glassware items. QSL-1 LT version is also available, designed for small-size glassware and equipped with 56 stub pipes, 9 mm in diameter. The pipes are made of high-grade, acid-proof stainless steel, which prevents corrosion caused by contact with water or chemical agents residues.

The control panel, allowing independent switching of air flow and heating, is placed in front of the device. The appliance is equipped with an electronic timer which allows programming of operation time. The fan’s filter, preventing the dried glassware from air pollution, is easy to take apart and replace. The drying system is protected against overheating by a temperature cut-off fuse. Thanks to the device housing shape, the water remaining in dried items is gathered and carried through a hose to the sink.

Additional information

Dimensions (W x D x H) 325 x 360 x 920 mm
Rated power 900 W
Air temperature 74°C - 80°C
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Warranty 24 months