About us


The POL-LAB Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. company has been present on the Polish market since 2004. Since its beginnings, the company has been involved in the production of laboratory equipment and laboratory furniture. What distinguishes our products are highest-quality materials, increased durability and chemical resistance as well as attractive design. Our laboratory furniture is designed according to our clients' needs and preferences. During our seven-year activity we have managed to equip over 200 laboratory facilities, which then underwent the accreditation procedure and completed it successfully. Our products already strengthen numerous laboratory facilities, not only locally, but all over Europe. The furniture and equipment we produce is even used in countries such as: Syria, Egypt, India. Thanks to the co-operation with our clients it has been possible to create several dozens of modern measuring laboratories which have been created in accordance with the binding European standards, rules of good laboratory practice (GLP), ergonomics as well as work safety and hygiene regulations. Our crew consists of designers, engineers, salespeople and fitters who together make up a good team and put our products to the most difficult tests at every stage. This is possible because the whole process related to the production of furniture and equipment is in our hands. The solutions and materials which we use function perfectly in the difficult conditions they are exposed to in their everyday work; consequently allowing our customers to take a “step into the future...” In this way the customers put their trust in us. The quality of products and services which we are presenting is confirmed by many seals of approval as well as certificates, issued by independent laboratories and institutions, which declare the conformity to binding standards. Irrespective of that, however, we keep improving our abilities by participating in numerous training courses on the binding standards and regulations thus ensuring safety and knowledge which we always use and share with our partners. The diligent and well-organized functioning of our company is confirmed by the implemented and maintained Quality Management System of the ISO 9001 series. We would like to thank for your attention and at the same time invite you to our business office where you will have the opportunity to check the truthfulness of the above words.